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Check out the amazing properties of toughened glass processed from the house of Trutuff Safety Glass, the first ISI – 2553 Part 1 Certified glass factory in South India.

  • Our modified toughened glass is fire resistant
  • We offer reliable smart glass for privacy

  • Special technology increases light transmittance
  • Special acoustic property delivers sound reduction
  • Increased strength and safety characteristics
  • Comes with thermal insulation Properties

The scope of
Our Tempered Glass
is practically unlimited!

The aesthetic, technical and intrinsic properties of Trutuff Tempered Glass make it suitable for a myriad of applications. It inspires Architects and Interior Designers to give shape to their creativity with the aid of strong glass. It delivers a high level of light, comfort from the heat and protects the occupants.

  • Smart Glass Factory
  • Intelligent Furnaces
  • Energy Efficient Input
  • Advanced Products
  • Top Quality Checks


Our Glasses are perfectly suited for commercial applications such as building facades and shop fronts – and home applications like partitions, special flooring, staircases, and more.

What makes us special?

  • It is safer
    We offer great strength against the force of wind, especially in a good glazing system.
  • It is stronger
    Our glass shatters into safe cube shaped pieces when it breaks.
  • It is reliable
    Our toughening process gives the panes greater edge strength so that it doesn’t shatter easily.

What our Client Say

I would like to thank Trutuff Glass for providing us top-notch products and impeccable customer service in our commercial showroom project. Their installations have been perfect & I would recommend Trutuff Glass to any person or organization that needs quality glass work!

by Muhemmed Jabbar

I have associated with Trutuff Glass for a number of projects in the past year. Their work is outstanding and they are consistently willing to go the extra mile for their clients. I recommend Trutuff Glass for the quality of their installation, and their high level of service.

by Nizar

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