DGU Blinds is a system in which a blind is mounted between the glasses in an
Insulating glass unit.

Trutuff DGU Blinds System Features and Benefits:

  • The blinds can be controlled manually or via a remote switch, based on preference.
  • Hygienic – you will never have to clean again
  • Light and heat regulation
  • Thermal insulation due to the system being a DGU, which helps in energy-savings
  • A range of different blind types to choose from — like Venetian, rollers, or blackout
  • Available in multiple colour choices for the blinds, like metallic coloured, fabric, etc.

Trutuff Integrated Blinds System in Commercial Spaces

  • Conference Rooms and Cabins.
  • Facade Glass and Windows.
  • Salons and Spas

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