Trutuff Partners Crossroads – Young Architects Festival 2022

Trutuff Safety Glass is delighted to partner with Crossroads 2022, the nation-level meet of Architects. The event commences at the Calicut Trade Centre and Sarovaram Bio Park in Kozhikode from October 27 to 29. It is hosted by the Kozhikode center and will feature design competitions, workshops, exhibitions, and cultural events. The Young Architects Festival is an annual function involving over two thousand architects participating from across India and abroad. The event will showcase the passion and enthusiasm of talented architects with specialized expertise in design and development. This national event will celebrate the contributions of young professionals in architecture who will compete to win prestigious awards which are internationally recognized. As part of the festival is Reweave Kozhikode – [...]

Water-Resistant Shower Cubicles

A spacious bathroom echoes peace and tranquillity which radiates from within the confines of our minds.  The presence of glass shower cubicles or partitions aids significantly in exuding the feeling of an expansive restroom. Unfortunately, shower curtains are usually preferred as a favourable choice owing to the misconception that glass surfaces may induce stains over prolonged use. Trutuff – The Glass Expert’s water-resistant glass quells away this fear.  Developed with cutting-edge nanotechnology, Trutuff’s nano-coating repels both water and oil stains. It is an ideal choice as the coating which is ultra-thin and transparent in nature adheres to the glass surface. The coating bonds chemically to the surface of the glass, altering it into a hydrophobic and oleophobic surface that offers protection […]

Soundproof Glass for Crowded Cities

With the advent of urbanisation and population migration to urban areas, living in cities has started proving to be an arduous task. With the constant influx of vehicles and expanding scale of noise pollution, peace and tranquillity may appear as distant dreams. With Trutuff The Glass Expert’s solution offering, they need not remain so.  Ordinary or annealed glass lacks the capability to restrain the transmission of sound. Glass is a bad conductor of sound as it is a rigid, and inelastic material. However, it performs a good job at reflecting noise. If the glass is untreated (or used as a single pane) it cannot offer much noise resistance. Trutuff The Glass Expert offers an inventive glass solution in Kerala that [...]

Advantages of Glass Shower Cubicles

A bathroom signifies an important place within the architectural design of a residence. An area which witnesses constant tours with the intent to refresh and rejuvenate. Hence, the way a shower presents itself leaves a significant bearing on your day’s mood. Crafting a dream bathroom is no longer an arduous task, thanks to shower solutions including glass shower cubicles from Trutuff, the Glass Expert. With the added advantage of a brighter and more open space, keeping a well-maintained shower space is not a difficult chore anymore. Glass shower doors bring to you an assortment of positive qualities that make them a great option to be considered in bathroom decor.  Hygiene. Bathrooms are not the safest of environments in a building. […]

Which Glass Is Suitable For Overhead Glazing?

Enhance the beauty of your building with glass roofs & overhead glazing. Apart from letting in more light, these glass elements have become versatile and creative design components that add to architectural excellence. The architectural requirements of any building may vary depending on a myriad of factors such as environment, cost, the priority with regards to the type of building in consideration – eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, or both, and much more. Hence, it is always advisable to seek the expert opinion of your architect before finalizing the type of glass. However, this article sheds light on alternatives that make life easier by facilitating solutions for the pain points of residents. The structure of overhead glazing by default offers numerous concerns. […]

Trutuff Glass Vandi

  It is not every day that one gets to witness a striking truck decorated with glass on all sides. The state of Kerala witnessed this phenomenon in the month of May 2022. Trutuff Safety Glass, one of the leading glass processors in South India, and the first glass processing facility in South India to achieve an ISI 2553 Part 1 certification, in collaboration with the world leaders in glass industry, Saint Gobain, and media entity Malayala Manorama, organised and implemented an all Kerala road campaign called ‘Trutuff Glass Vandi’. This innovative campaign which saw a Bharat Benz truck with multiple glass cabins inside making its rounds across Kerala, educating individuals about the useful yet unheard applications of various types [...]

Advantages of Glass Partition Walls

Are you going for Glass partition walls in your home or office space? Not sure if it’ll work well for you? Not to worry, we have it covered! Let us explore the advantages of using Glass partition Walls.  Glass partition walls enhance the feeling of space in any building. They exude elegance, lend a sense of luxury and style to homes, and can rekindle your space at home and office. In a work atmosphere, stylish glass partitions give positive vibes to clients, as well as create a quiet environment for the employees to work in.  What are the advantages of Glass Partition Walls?  Easy to install and remodel rooms Glass partition walls are usually glass panels mounted onto a pre-fixed frame. You […]

Choosing The Best Patio Door Glass For Home Decor

Designing home interiors for your home is not an easy endeavor! You will wish to have the best materials for both the interior and exterior of the home you live in. Sliding patio doors are a great way to enhance the entire look of your home. Patio glass doors provide natural light to seamlessly connect the indoors with the outdoors. Aesthetic appeal, strength, and efficiency are the main factors to be considered while selecting a proper patio door for your home.  Let us explore some tips and ideas on choosing the best patio door glass for home decor.  Aesthetics and Functionality Sliding glass patio doors can be decided based on the living space in your home. You can opt for […]

Choosing The Best Window Glasses For Your Buildings

Windows in a house are not just responsible for improving aesthetics but also for providing optimal light and thermal comfort inside your home. Choosing the right kind of windows will aid in reducing the usage of heating and cooling devices which in turn will lead to low energy bills. The advent of high-performance window glass solutions like Trutuff Double Glazed Unit glasses and other offerings can significantly reduce the burden on your energy bills.  Let us explore how Trutuff Safety Glass can help you in choosing the best window glasses for your buildings.  Safety If your new home is located in a busy part of the city with security concerns like break-ins, or safety concerns like injury in case of […]

Benefits of Using Insulated Glass for Windows

Insulated Glazed Unit glass (also known as Doubled Glazed Unit glass) is the preferred choice for builders and developers when it comes to windows. It consists of two glass panes sealed tight at the edges, separated by a space in the middle to allow for effective insulation. Let us explore the benefits of using insulated glass for windows.

Main Advantages Of Using Laminated Glass For Buildings

Laminated glass has now evolved as a stellar alternative to normal glass. It offers a tough, robust structure that is hard to break and offers extensive application in architectural and structural purposes. If you’re not sure of the advantages of using laminated glass for buildings, we at Trutuff Safety glasses can help. Here’s an insight into Laminated glass and its benefits.  What is laminated glass? Laminated glass is manufactured by bonding together two plies of glass with an interlayer to form a permanent bond. The interlayer supports and holds the glass together to create a strong, uniform layer even when broken. Laminated glass comes in varying thicknesses and different glass combinations and coatings.  Main advantages of using laminated glass for buildings The application […]

All About Toughened Glass.

“A broken heart is not a broken glass” ― ABC  Broken glass is always imagined as something that has shattered. It is a devastating sight to witness as it lies scattered all over the place. Moreover, the pieces are sharp and can harm unwitting people who tread on them.  But times have changed. Glass has now become an essential part of the everyday home, and interiors and exteriors of offices, malls, restaurants, public halls, and many more places. It is the technological process of glass toughening that has brought this indispensable material into the forefront for common use.  Safety – Toughening Makes It Unique Toughened glass is a major advancement of technology that has transformed glass from being perceived as delicate […]