Laminated glass is always the first choice for many applications like storefront, facades, and windows. The three-layered structure of laminated glasses makes them strong enough to resist penetration and gives you the ability to see more without compromising on safety. Glass facades are good for its delicate fluid visual appeal to beautify the exteriors. Modern architecture be it residential or commercial, use glass facades to instantly enhance the style quotient of buildings. Glass façades offer sound and heat-insulation and ensure protection against irregular winds and seismic conditions as well. With bespoke cladding, challenging geometrical designs, and striking outlooks, glass facades are instant favorites of Architects to enhance the aesthetic looks of the buildings they design. Curtain Walls, Framing systems, Storefront systems, Stick systems are only a few types of glass facades.

When used in the retail sector, breaking into the building with laminated glass isn’t that easy. Hence, the use of laminated glass as a security feature has increased over the past few years. It also offers noise protection in noisy areas and areas involving a lot of traffic. In case of breakage, laminated glass tends to remain in its frame and hence minimizes the risk of injury.

Laminated Glass by Trutuff

Advantages of laminated Glass facades

Laminated Glass by Trutuff

Building Performance: It is not just the aesthetic value of glass facades that counts but they can also add other features to the building.

Regulated Energy Consumption: Energy-efficient glass from Trutuff is a good choice for a building facade. Apart from providing optimal insulation, energy-efficient glass also maximizes the amount of light entering the building. Building-integrated photovoltaic glasses can also be used to preserve energy.

Acoustics: Where a quiet environment is desired, high-quality acoustic glass can be used in construction. The acoustic performance of buildings with glass facades is much better than normal buildings.

Security: Using Trutuff toughened glass with multipoint locking systems in the facade is the best way to ensure safety. Framing or installation are additional security measures to be taken.

At Trutuff Glass, we supply high-quality facade glasses meant to create contemporary, stylish, and realistic facades for modern buildings. We have all kinds of glass solutions available and can customize different glass types according to your needs.