Trutuff Tempered glass is used for building glass pergolas. As the glass is processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments, the Pergolas made with tempered glass have extreme strength to withstand the weather elements. We have designed these glass pergolas with a vision to add a special living space to favorite areas of your home. A glass roof pergola provides shade & will also transform your garden into a relaxation area where you can just unwind and enjoy the view.

The Glass Pergolas give protection against the rain and also from harsh sun rays for people and the furniture. On winter or overcast days light streams unhindered through the glazed roof into the interior of the building.

Glass-Pagoda by Trutuff

Advantages of Glass Pergolas

Glass-Pagoda by Trutuff

Better illumination: A glass rooftop or Pergola is a natural way to brighten up the interiors of your house. The transparent roofing system allows adequate natural light into the home and serves as the best substitute for artificial sources.

Reduced noise: When you wish to relax after a hectic day at work, a glass pergola will considerably help in reducing external noise and you can sleep peacefully.

Enhance the value of the house: A glass Pergola is slightly expensive but the impact it creates on the property is outstanding. By installing a glass rooftop, you can cut down the electricity bills and also augment the aesthetic appeal of the house and improve its resale value.

Trutuff Glasses is one-step ahead of our competitors in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of laminated glass pergolas for our customers. These pergolas are manufactured with the finest materials sourced from the authentic vendors of the market.