Nowadays the glass staircase and handrail has become a classic element in modern design and architecture. It is a functional item and a piece of art at the same time. With a glass staircase, you can bring light down to lower levels or simply provide a clean view of your garden. Glass staircases and handrails add a special aesthetic beauty to the building interiors. But it is a big challenge for fabricators and designers. By using special architectural glass from Trutuff Glasses, it is possible to build glass staircases with the required strength to hold its own weight as well as the people walking on it. We offer chemically treated, tempered and laminated straight and curved glass staircases and railings to be used for private and commercial projects.

As experienced glass manufacturers and suppliers we are always in the search for innovative glass staircase designs and we are able to handle all requirements of our customers.

Glass Staircase by Trutuff

Advantages of Glass Staircases

They reflect a unique and affluent lifestyle and most people have started choosing glass staircases in their homes instead of the traditional concrete and wooden staircases.

Glass Staircase by Trutuff
  • Seamless: Glass staircases lend a more easy-on-eyes feel and give homes a more spacious appeal.
  • Illuminating: As they let the light pass through them, it makes the home look aesthetically appealing during daylight.
  • Hassle-free: Glass staircases are not susceptible to termites. The and the quality of glass does not deteriorate over time with use. Glass staircases are not as expensive to maintain as wooden staircases.
  • Moisture-friendly: Glass staircases are not affected by moisture in the air, hence they do not get damp and rot as wooden staircases do. Once installed, glass staircases are sturdy and have a long lifespan.

Glass staircases and handrails will always be a desirable choice to elevate the interior of the houses. In case you’re planning to replace your wooden or concrete staircase with the glass one, rest assured that Trutuff Glasses has the most affordable, durable and long-lasting glass staircases that can add elegance to your living space.