Strong - Structurally Sound - Resilient

At Trutuff Safety Glass, we specialize in creating the safest and most aesthetically pleasing architectural material – toughened glass! We are one of India’s leading glass processing companies, producing high quality glass in conjunction with Saint-Gobain, the world’s largest glass manufacturer.

For architectural edifices, plate glass (annealed glass) is not suitable. The material needs to be processed in order to be used as a glazing material for buildings, as well as for windows, doors, shades, internal partitions and other uses. Reinforced glass is toughened and laminated to give it added properties of safety and strength. We are experts at processing glass and laminating it at Trutuff. In the past few years, we have established a benchmark in the glass industry that has earned us the reputation as The Glass Experts with a large range of products of the highest quality

Aesthetics Transformation and Unlimited applications

Glass is an immensely versatile material; it is used every day in numerous applications, many that most of us are not even aware of. Choosing the right glass for a building can improve its appearance and performance while helping to reduce energy costs for years to come. Whether you need glass for facades, balustrades, doors, windows, partitions, mirrors or any other building application, Trutuff safety Glass can help you find the right glass for anything you can imagine