A bathroom signifies an important place within the architectural design of a residence. An area which witnesses constant tours with the intent to refresh and rejuvenate. Hence, the way a shower presents itself leaves a significant bearing on your day’s mood. Crafting a dream bathroom is no longer an arduous task, thanks to shower solutions including glass shower cubicles from Trutuff, the Glass Expert. With the added advantage of a brighter and more open space, keeping a well-maintained shower space is not a difficult chore anymore. Glass shower doors bring to you an assortment of positive qualities that make them a great option to be considered in bathroom decor. 

Bathrooms are not the safest of environments in a building. The presence of microbes and bacteria cannot be discounted. Even though commonly used, shower curtains are not ideal to be used in a bathroom. Over a period of time, a thin whitish coating starts developing on the surface. Apart from tarnishing the aesthetic appeal, it poses several health concerns. This can easily be avoided by the use of glass shower doors, which do not harbour the growth of microbes. 

Easy to Clean.
Glass shower cubicles are easier to clean when compared to other options. Unlike the labour-intensive washing and drying process needed for shower curtains, cleaning glass shower cubicles take minimal time and effort. 

Reduces the Risk of Mould.
The absence of hardware in frameless glass shower doors reduces the space for water to build up, thereby diminishing the risk of mould formation. 

The Illusion of a Larger Bathroom Space.
The whole expression of the bathroom changes with the installation of glass shower doors. Without giving the impression of being in a cramped space, these glass shower doors exude the illusion of large bathroom space. 

Allows More Light in the Shower.
One of the most appealing aspects of glass shower doors is that they can brighten up the entire place echoing the atmosphere of open space. 

No Splashing Water.
Glass shower doors when properly installed, restrict excessive water spilling outside the shower area. There is also no scope for concern about leaks, thereby minimising the chance of accidents.

Low Maintenance.
Shower cubicles made with toughened glass require little to no maintenance effort. Since the glasses used in these cubicles are tempered, they offer high resistance to scratches. 

Increased Home Value.
The value of your home increases as you update your bathroom with modern glass doors. With the installation of glass shower doors, you can enhance the functional elements of your residence and increase the resale value. 

Variety of Sizes and Styles.
Trutuff Glass shower doors come in diverse sizes to fit any shower space. Numerous style choices are also available including a plethora of colour options, which opens you to a world of exciting possibilities.

Add a touch of class to your home decor with Trutuff Glass Shower doors. Contact us to know more.