“A broken heart is not a broken glass” ― ABC 

Broken glass is always imagined as something that has shattered. It is a devastating sight to witness as it lies scattered all over the place. Moreover, the pieces are sharp and can harm unwitting people who tread on them. 

But times have changed. Glass has now become an essential part of the everyday home, and interiors and exteriors of offices, malls, restaurants, public halls, and many more places. It is the technological process of glass toughening that has brought this indispensable material into the forefront for common use. 

Safety – Toughening Makes It Unique

Toughened glass is a major advancement of technology that has transformed glass from being perceived as delicate and breakable to strong and secure. Even though toughened glass appears fragile, it has immense strength and exceptional durability while retaining the power to withstand impacts. 

Toughened glass from the house of Trutuff Safety Glass, the leading manufacturers of toughened glass in Kerala is a prime example of how glass can be strong, aesthetic, and practical. It is an example of how good quality toughened glass can provide safety, strength, and thermal insulation, all at once. At Trutuff, clear glass is carried by rollers through the furnace where the glass is heated via conduction, convection, and radiation. The glass gets evenly heated in the furnace, subsequently followed by rapid cooling which involves blasting high-pressure air on the surface of the glass uniformly, to make it strong and tough.

Roller for Glass - Trutuff Safety Glass

Simply put, it is a safety glass that is much stronger than normal glass. This enhanced durability, ability to resist corrosion and withstand impacts, make it a preferred choice for home interiors and exteriors. In the eventuality of a breakage, the glass breaks into fragments that are more rounded and less prone to injury than the sharp-edged shards of normal or annealed glass. 

Heat Resistant Property

Finest quality toughened glass does not break easily due to heat. They have a better capability to withstand and resist thermal breakages. While normal glass can expand and contract due to the heat from sunlight and therefore break without even exerting any pressure or knock, toughened glass has a great capacity to withstand high temperatures and a few bangs. 

Exterior Facades With Toughened Glass

We see a lot of modern buildings with glass facades these days. Toughened glass has become a favorite of architects and designers as it provides adequate light transmission which enhances the natural light while lending a special elegance to the façade and a sleek modern look to the structure. When toughened glass is used for ground to ceiling or wall to wall coverage in homes and modern villas, it provides an excellent view and connects with the exterior seamlessly, giving an expansive feel to the room.

Partitioning Rooms With Glass

Toughened glass is perfect for partitioning off rooms within office spaces, commercial spaces, and even homes. It also finds applications in large windows, room partitioning with private space demarcations, elegant shower cubicles, stylish balconies that provide a grand view with safety comparable to the wall it replaces, furniture like table tops, staircases, and much more.

Glass Partition in Office

Toughened Glass From Trutuff

Toughened Glass from the house of Trutuff Safety Glass has remarkable properties and applications. It combines numerous benefits including safety and thermal insulation without cutting down the light transmittance. The thermal insulation property helps reduce heat inside the home or office – and helps you control the temperature much better. This is a reliable and smart offering providing a view with a promise of strength and safety. 

Trutuff Safety Glass offers the finest quality Toughened glass with the certified assurance of quality (Saint Gobain co-branding) and service. Our personnel will provide you with answers to all your queries regarding how to best apply toughened glass. To know about the product range, please feel free to reach us on sales@trutuffglass.com or contact +91-9072953333.