Insulated Glazed Unit glass (also known as Doubled Glazed Unit glass) is the preferred choice for builders and developers when it comes to windows. It consists of two glass panes sealed tight at the edges, separated by a space in the middle to allow for effective insulation. Let us explore the benefits of using insulated glass for windows.

Very effective thermal barriers

Insulated glass windows help you to stay cozy and comfortable in the harshest of winters and scorching summers. Double glazed windows come equipped with low-emissivity glass (Low-E) glass which offers a thin silver coating on one side of the internal panes. This is highly effective in letting the light in without transmitting the heat. When the heat passes through two layers of glass, it gets trapped, thereby acting as a suitable solution for both the summer and winter seasons. They also filter out harmful ultraviolet rays.

Saves energy and lowers the carbon footprint

As explained previously, insulated glass windows offer thermal insulation, thereby preventing heat gain/loss depending on the season. This in turn moderates the use of air conditioning or heater which reduces power consumption. Less energy is used for heating/cooling a room, thus offering an environmentally friendly solution in the process.

Insulated glass windows are cost-effective

It is true that installing insulated glass windows costs a bit more when compared to other alternatives. But taking into account the amount of money that can be saved in your electric bill over the long haul, it certainly becomes a worthy investment.

Versatile range of choice

Trutuff Safety Glass offers different combinations of glasses for windows which yield a myriad of applications. For example, customizing a window with both an insulated glass unit and a laminated glass unit offers the aforementioned advantages coupled with soundproofing and enhanced safety.

Lessens moisture accumulation

Insulated glass windows can reduce dryness inside rooms by maintaining a higher humidity level. As they block moisture from the cold, they prevent condensation from forming.

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