Designing home interiors for your home is not an easy endeavor! You will wish to have the best materials for both the interior and exterior of the home you live in. Sliding patio doors are a great way to enhance the entire look of your home. Patio glass doors provide natural light to seamlessly connect the indoors with the outdoors. Aesthetic appeal, strength, and efficiency are the main factors to be considered while selecting a proper patio door for your home. 

Let us explore some tips and ideas on choosing the best patio door glass for home decor. 

Aesthetics and Functionality
Sliding glass patio doors can be decided based on the living space in your home. You can opt for several patio door options which give more space indoors like:

❖ Pocket: Panels slide away and set into a form of pocket inside the wall.

❖ Stacking: Every panel of the glass door slides away and stacks against each other.

❖ Bi-fold: One panel folds over the adjoining panel, and the whole door can be stacked and folded beside the wall. 

Durable Glass

Long-lasting and tough
Select a glass that is durable, tough, and is easy to maintain. Trutuff Safety Glass offers a myriad of toughened glass offerings that deliver safety and strength. 

Energy Efficient:
Trutuff offers high-efficiency, high-performance & heat-resistant glass options to complement your interiors. These glasses have improved thermal functioning and also provide efficient lighting to the living space. 

Design should complement the architecture
Patio doors are a vital part of your living space and they should be designed to complement the overall design of your home. They offer a fabulous view of the outdoor garden and are perfect for extending the elegance of the interior space. 

At Trutuff Safety Glass, we offer various modern and quality options of patio glasses which are manufactured in our toughened glass factory in Kerala. Kindly contact us to know more.