Windows in a house are not just responsible for improving aesthetics but also for providing optimal light and thermal comfort inside your home. Choosing the right kind of windows will aid in reducing the usage of heating and cooling devices which in turn will lead to low energy bills. The advent of high-performance window glass solutions like Trutuff Double Glazed Unit glasses and other offerings can significantly reduce the burden on your energy bills. 

Let us explore how Trutuff Safety Glass can help you in choosing the best window glasses for your buildings. 

If your new home is located in a busy part of the city with security concerns like break-ins, or safety concerns like injury in case of any untoward incident, you will need to choose a type of window glass that is strong and can withstand resistance. Laminated glass or toughened glass would be an ideal choice as they are stronger than normal glass and offer security. Also in the rare event of breakage, toughened glass does not shatter into sharp shards, but breaks into small, blunt, pebble-like pieces, thereby diminishing the scope for injury. Under similar circumstances, laminated glass pieces remain stuck to the special PVB interlayer, which is used to bind the two glass sheets into a single, strong layer, thus making it the perfect choice for overhead glazing. 

Soundproof Glass by Trutuff

Sound proof & privacy
When your home is in an especially noisy neighborhood with minimal privacy then installing soundproof window glass will work best for you. Too much noise can be stressful and may end up inducing fatigue or frustration. Laminated Glass offers the finest solution for this concern, as it has the capacity to filter up to 32dB sound depending on the technical composition of the glass. Soundproof glasses are very strong and the acoustic insulation helps you to live comfortably without the disturbance of traffic noise. With regards to privacy, Trutuff Safety Glass offers a wide variety of performance glasses in a myriad of aesthetic choices, which provide daytime privacy virtually rendering it difficult for anyone to intrude on your freedom. 

Extreme Climate
If you live in a place with an extremely hot climate then window glasses that provide thermal comfort are crucial. Our Double Glazed Unit Glasses with Low-E glass panes have an invisible metallic coating that blocks excessive solar heat transfer. 

Glass panes today are available in both single and double-glazing with a variety of aesthetic offerings. Trutuff Safety Glass understands your requirement and provides customized solutions for all your window glass needs. Get in touch with us today!