Convenience, privacy, and protection are staple building blocks of any domicile. The archaic notion of depending on grilled windows for safety comes at the expense of compromising safety, convenience, and privacy. In such cases, privacy is attained by installing additional curtains in the interiors, the operation of which mandates physical effort in the form of walking to the curtains, and manual operation. Moreover, the opaque nature of curtains hinders the prospect of moderating optimal light within the room.

As Kerala’s beloved Glass Experts, the necessity to identify a solution for this practical difficulty was comprehended, resulting in the development of an optimal and elegant solution – DGU Glass Blinds. A carefully curated system in which a blind is mounted between glasses, it acts as an ideal architectural solution that imbues security and privacy without any compromise on aesthetic allure.

DGU Glass blinds Kerala

An urbane and fashionable window solution finely tuned to offer optimal sunlight, it finds applications in a myriad of lifestyle and pragmatic settings including residences, hospitals, office buildings, and more. The structural sophistication also ensures that dust, dirt, or weather circumstances do not influence the blind, thereby making maintenance unnecessary. The benefits of resorting to DGU blinds include and are not limited to the following:

  • Enhanced Privacy – Control over the amount of light transmitted into the room, augments not just the living conditions of the room, but also respects the privacy of your space by regulating the blinds. Pulling the blinds up, or letting them down based on the necessity of the occupant revamps the living experience.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency – DGU Blinds are effective in cutting summer heat and trapping heat during winter. This in turn reduces electricity consumption and aids savings without harming the environment.
  • Ease of Use – The availability of manual magnetic slide, or remote-controlled motorised blinds significantly amplifies comfort as compared to traditional curtains.

DGU Glass blinds Kerala

  • Low Maintenance – As explained earlier, the structural nature of DGU Blinds, with the blinds installed between glasses, ensures that the blinds are safeguarded from dust and dirt. Therefore, maintenance becomes almost a non-necessity. In a humid setting, like a bathroom or a kitchen, this is an apt solution.
  • Supreme Protection – The double-layered, toughened glass offering provides the highest degree of protection owing to its extremely difficult-to-break nature.

Trutuff DGU Glass Blinds in Kerala can be customized to suit any décor. An extensive array of options and styles makes choosing the perfect blind for your home or office convenient. Thus, whether you are looking for sheer privacy or all-out sun protection, Trutuff The Glass Expert can offer the perfect solution with DGU Blinds. Contact us for more details.