Glass technology has evolved phenomenally in the past few years and DGU glass has become popular nowadays. So, what is DGU glass?  DGU (Double Glass Units) fuse together multi-glass panes into a single-window structure.

DGU is a piece of glass consisting of two or more layers of glass separated by an aluminum spacer along the edge and sealed to create an air space between the layers. It is mounted in a sash or frame like a thick piece of glass. In such glasses, the dehydrated air space is filled with air or inert gases like argon that provide better insulating performance.

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Check out the advantages of DGU glass:

Controls the inside temperature

DGU glass creates a thermal barrier that prevents the sun’s heat from entering the building. This can indeed reduce the need for air conditioning and lower cooling costs. In comparison, single-pane glass does not provide the same level of insulation, and heat can easily pass through, leading to higher temperatures inside a building and increased energy usage. Double glazing is effective in all weathers because it stops heat transfer from one side to the other.

Keeps out the noise

In summer, especially when there are longer days and light evenings, your neighbours may start having later dinner parties and BBQs that go on late into the night. Kids also tend to stay out playing later. If you find these sounds disturbing then DGU glass is your answer! Double glazing provides sound insulation and does not allow loud noise from outside to enter the room interiors.

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Stops UV damage

Powerful sunlight streaming through windows in summer could actually be causing damage to your furnishings. By Installing DGU glass windows you can limit the damaging UV rays, which can penetrate the window into the home. This can minimize fading to carpets, curtains, and other furnishings.

Tightens security

When you lock up your house and leave for your summer holiday, you will want proper security for your home. Double-glazed windows from Trutuff Glasses improve security as they can be locked from the inside and the tough glass is very difficult to smash.

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