Energy conservation is the need of the hour now be it for commercial buildings or residential buildings! Glass manufacturers like Trutuff Glasses have sensed this need and have come up with DGU Glass – an innovative energy-efficient glass that conserves energy and improves efficiency. So, why not think of using DGU Glass for your commercial establishment? 

In DGU (Double Glazed Units) glass two panes of glass are separated by a layer of air or gas. DGU glass provides an extra layer of insulation to the interiors of your building. Check out how DGU glass can improve energy efficiency and save money for commercial buildings. 


With excellent insulating properties, DGU glass reduces the amount of heat lost or gained through windows. This results in the building maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature without relying too much on heating or air-conditioning systems. Energy consumption gets reduced drastically and the building becomes more energy-efficient. 

Apart from that, DGU glass has low-emissivity coatings that reflect the heat back into the room. This diminishes the amount of heat that escapes through windows. This reduces the need for heating and air-conditioning systems, resulting in energy savings. 

Energy efficiency with DGU glass means you can save money on energy bills. The use of heating and air conditioning systems can be curtailed resulting in lower energy bills as the building consumes less energy. 

As DGU glass is durable it requires little maintenance and can last for several years reducing the cost of repairs and replacements. This provides cost savings over the long term.

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With DGU glass installed in commercial buildings, the amount of UV radiation that enters the building gets reduced. This reduces the fading of furniture and carpets, resulting in lower replacement costs. 

Overall DGU glass has proved to be an excellent choice that can provide significant benefits for commercial buildings like improved energy efficiency and cost savings. 

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