Enhance the beauty of your building with glass roofs & overhead glazing. Apart from letting in more light, these glass elements have become versatile and creative design components that add to architectural excellence.

The architectural requirements of any building may vary depending on a myriad of factors such as environment, cost, the priority with regards to the type of building in consideration – eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, or both, and much more. Hence, it is always advisable to seek the expert opinion of your architect before finalizing the type of glass. However, this article sheds light on alternatives that make life easier by facilitating solutions for the pain points of residents.

The structure of overhead glazing by default offers numerous concerns. The primary apprehension pertains to the safety concern that the installed glass carries. Laminated glass manufactured at Trutuff Safety Glass quells away this concern as the structural composition of laminated glass makes it next to impossible to let the damaged glass cause any injury to the inhabitants. It comprises of two panes of toughened glass adhered together by a layer of polyvinyl butyral (or PVB). This PVB layer ensures that even if the outer layer of toughened glass is damaged, which in itself is a rare occurrence, the damaged pieces stick within the frame of the laminated glass thereby preventing the scope of injury.

A second concern that may arise from overhead glazing is the heat that would directly transmit to the inhabitants through the glass, even though the intent of overhead glazing is to mount an aesthetically pleasing architectural solution that offers minimal discomfort to the residents. The two-layer structure of laminated glass offers an optimal solution to this issue. The inner layer of the laminated glass can use a special breed of glass called performance glass toughened at our factory. Performance glass offering from Trutuff Safety Glass provides solutions to many practical problems, including solar heat cuts. It ensures that optimal light is transmitted as per the requirement of the room, with minimal heat transfer. The choice of the right kind of toughened performance glass provides protection from UV rays, glare transmission, and more, coupled with many aesthetically appealing options that would enhance the charm of the building.

Laminated glass also offers the additional advantage of being a soundproofing solution, which would prove ideal in a crowded setting like a city.

Be it to realize an imaginative design feature or for lighting and thermal functionalities, we at Trutuff Safety Glass design, manufacture, and deliver bespoke overhead glazing solutions catering to the requirements of individual projects. Contact us to know more.

This insight is from Trutuff Safety Glass, a prime toughened glass supplier in Kerala.