Laminated glass has now evolved as a stellar alternative to normal glass. It offers a tough, robust structure that is hard to break and offers extensive application in architectural and structural purposes. If you’re not sure of the advantages of using laminated glass for buildings, we at Trutuff Safety glasses can help. Here’s an insight into Laminated glass and its benefits. 

What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass is manufactured by bonding together two plies of glass with an interlayer to form a permanent bond. The interlayer supports and holds the glass together to create a strong, uniform layer even when broken. Laminated glass comes in varying thicknesses and different glass combinations and coatings. 

Main advantages of using laminated glass for buildings

The application of Laminated glass lends many advantages. 

Increased security

Laminated glass has great strength, and this makes it almost impossible to break. Even in the unlikely eventuality of a break, the interlayer holds up the strength of the glass. Thus widening the gap becomes extremely difficult. 

Reduced UV emission

UV rays are known to cause harm not just to the skin, but also to fabric and furniture. Damage is accelerated in furniture by altering its strength and making them brittle. Similarly, they impart a fading shade to fabric thereby reducing the lifespan. Laminated glass comes to the rescue by offering protection against UV rays. 

Reduced noise pollution

By installing a thick piece of laminated glass, noise waves become disrupted when they travel through the material. This effectively reduces noise pollution making it an ideal choice in crowded places. 

Increased safety

The glass doesn’t shatter when broken and there is a reduced risk of someone getting injured by shards of glass. This is made possible as the broken pieces stay connected to the interlayer even after damage. 

Protection against natural disasters

Laminated glass will remain intact in its frame when natural disasters or volatile weather occurs, reducing the risk of accidents. 

More design choice

Laminated glasses from Trutuff Safety Glass are available in many colours, shades, or tones, amplifying the aesthetic appeal of glass along with its functional utilities.

Laminated glasses are put to a variety of uses:

❖ Skylights & Glass roofs
❖ Windows for companies or homes with a higher risk of safety
❖ Peaceful residential atmosphere or more productive workspace thanks to its soundproofing capability
❖ Safety display cabinets for jewelry stores
❖ Handrails 

As a premier laminated glass manufacturer in Kerala, Trutuff Glass offers a laminated glass of the highest quality. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries.