With the advent of urbanisation and population migration to urban areas, living in cities has started proving to be an arduous task. With the constant influx of vehicles and expanding scale of noise pollution, peace and tranquillity may appear as distant dreams. With Trutuff The Glass Expert’s solution offering, they need not remain so. 

Ordinary or annealed glass lacks the capability to restrain the transmission of sound. Glass is a bad conductor of sound as it is a rigid, and inelastic material. However, it performs a good job at reflecting noise. If the glass is untreated (or used as a single pane) it cannot offer much noise resistance. Trutuff The Glass Expert offers an inventive glass solution in Kerala that performs efficient soundproofing.    

Trutuff brings to you soundproof glass for crowded cities. A toughened glass solution with good acoustic insulation properties is bound to drastically reduce the impact of sound pollution. It effectively dampens and dissipates noise coming through your windows. 

Soundproof Glass Kerala

Laminated glass with acoustic PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer is a sandwich of two or more sheets of glass bound together by applying heat and pressure with one or more acoustic PVB interlayers. It serves as a noise dampener, weakening the energy of the sound waves as they travel through the glass. Acoustic insulation glazing is accomplished by using thick glass, as its mass absorbs the phonic vibrations. 

Diverse types of noise insulation glazing can be incorporated depending on the level of exterior noise. Laminated glass with acoustic insulation can significantly reduce the noise entering the home through closed windows. Deflecting and dissipating of sound waves is done by soundproof glazing. In addition to that, it also provides adequate safety, as it comes with the advantage of laminated glass that does not cause injury even in the event of a breakage. The adhesive nature of acoustic PVB interlayer also ensures that security is not compromised owing to the strong impact resistance offered by the laminated glass. Average estimates indicate that normal environment sound ranges between 80 to 90 dB. Laminated glass with acoustic PVB interlayer may cut up to 32dB sound. 

Applications include and are not limited to residential apartments, hotels, airports, restaurants, offices, boardrooms, classrooms, recording studios, concert halls, theatres, and auditoriums. 

Soundproof Glass Kerala

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