Trutuff Glass takes a new step toward a successful future! We are excited to share with you all that Trutuff Glass has recently launched a new glass furnace that promises to take our production capabilities to the next level! As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality glasses used in building construction, Trutuff Glass has been in the business for many years and is known for its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

The new state-of-the-art furnace is equipped with the latest technology and has been designed to improve the efficiency and process bigger-size glasses. With high capacity and faster melting times, the furnace will allow Trutuff Glasses to produce an extensive range of products at a faster rate, without compromising on quality.

Trutuff is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our production process and meet the evolving needs of our customers. According to the company’s management, the new furnace is a significant investment that will pay off in the long run as Trutuff will be able to increase its capacity and output. Now even Jumbo size glasses could now be processed with ease to meet the requirements of our customers.

Technical Specifications – A2850U Glass Furnace

Max. loading area 2800mm x 5000mm (5 -19mm) 2800mm x 2200mm (4mm)
Min. glass size 150mm x 350mm
Glass thickness range Clear float glass 4.0mm – 19 mm
Low-E glass 4.0mm -19mm (E>_0.01)
Recommended transformer capacity 1000KVA
Power consumption (per m2) clear float glass _<3.85kWh, calculated on glass 5mm thick

The furnace has been installed and the company’s engineers and technicians have worked tirelessly to ensure that it meets the strictest standards of quality and efficiency. Apart from its cutting-edge technology, the furnace has also been designed with safety and sustainability in mind. The launch of the new furnace is a major milestone for Trutuff Glasses, and the company expects it to have a significant impact on its business in the coming years. The company will be able to meet the increasing demand for its products and expand into new markets.

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