Trutuff Safety Glass is delighted to partner with Crossroads 2022, the nation-level meet of Architects. The event commences at the Calicut Trade Centre and Sarovaram Bio Park in Kozhikode from October 27 to 29. It is hosted by the Kozhikode center and will feature design competitions, workshops, exhibitions, and cultural events. The Young Architects Festival is an annual function involving over two thousand architects participating from across India and abroad.

The event will showcase the passion and enthusiasm of talented architects with specialized expertise in design and development. This national event will celebrate the contributions of young professionals in architecture who will compete to win prestigious awards which are internationally recognized. As part of the festival is Reweave Kozhikode – a national-level architectural design competition. The competition aims to address the architectural challenges faced by Kozhikode city. The event attracted over 300 entries with about 40+ designs to be shortlisted by an eminent international jury.

The event will also feature Design Workshops and Installations participated by young architects and architectural students. The workshop is to be curated by eminent architects from across India and will address a host of aspects from design thinking to architectural content. The event will witness participation from stalwarts from the architectural industry within Kerala. The event will present the perfect platform for young architects and students to meet celebrated architects and establish a rapport for further collaboration.

Trutuff Safety Glass is clearly involved and enthusiastic about the event which will be a platform for meaningful connection between the architectural community and the manufacturer of some of India’s highest quality toughened and laminated glasses. The material offers versatility and the creative scope for architects to build robust structures. It offers extensive application in architectural and structural constructions. Laminated glass from Trutuff is available in a varying range of thicknesses, glass combinations, and coatings.

Trutuff, as a leading glass processor and supplier of high-quality toughened glass, which is manufactured in collaboration with the world leaders in glass manufacturing, Saint Gobain, places a high value on creativity and innovative thinking, especially in the field of architecture. Truetuff is proud to associate with Crossroads and is hopeful that the event will lead to a high quality and rise in the number of innovative architectural designs within Kerala and across India. Events like this lead to higher thinking and a greater number of creative talents shining in the ecosystem of architecture.

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