A spacious bathroom echoes peace and tranquillity which radiates from within the confines of our minds.  The presence of glass shower cubicles or partitions aids significantly in exuding the feeling of an expansive restroom. Unfortunately, shower curtains are usually preferred as a favourable choice owing to the misconception that glass surfaces may induce stains over prolonged use. Trutuff – The Glass Expert’s water-resistant glass quells away this fear. 

Developed with cutting-edge nanotechnology, Trutuff’s nano-coating repels both water and oil stains. It is an ideal choice as the coating which is ultra-thin and transparent in nature adheres to the glass surface. The coating bonds chemically to the surface of the glass, altering it into a hydrophobic and oleophobic surface that offers protection from staining. These molecules are resistant to UV light giving them long-term stability. 

The nanotechnology-supported coating which needs to be applied only once acts as an extension of the glass surface as it bonds chemically with it. This ensures that no regular refresher coatings need to be applied to retain its performance over a period of time. 

The hydrophobic and oleophobic coating proves effective in providing protection against a good amount of dust particles (to the extent of concrete dust emanating from the neighbourhood). Moreover, it offers significant savings with respect to the maintenance cost as it reduces both the time spent and the frequency of cleaning. 

The glass stays clean for a long period of time as the coating guards the glass against stains, thereby eliminating the need to restore or replace the glass. Similarly, no harsh or toxic cleaners are required to clean the surface of the glass.

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