Performance Glass - Trutuff
April 26, 2021

Performance Glass

Innovative glass technologies have ensured that glasses are nowadays used not just for aesthetics but for energy-efficiency and privacy as well! The emergence of high-performance glass products like Energy-Efficient Glass & Smart or Switchable Glass have elevated the glass applications in the construction industry. A glass that comes with double or triple energy-efficient glazing.Energy-Efficient Glass Benefits of energy-efficient glass: Improved Thermal Insulation: Energy-efficient glass has an air gap between the panes of glass. During the winters it traps heat inside & in the hot summers, it can keep the interiors cool by reflecting the sun’s heat to the exteriors. Reduction of Utility Bills: With ideal temperature maintained in any season, the need for artificial heating during winters and cooling systems [...]Read more
Glass Table Top - Vase - Trutuff
April 25, 2021

Table Tops

Glass Selections - Table Tops Are you currently on the lookout for a new glass table tops & Glass shelves to enliven your living space? Tempered Glass tabletops make the perfect tops for dining tables, office tables or kitchen tables. Trutuff Glasses brings to you glass tops for furniture in many shapes and sizes to help transform your space. Our products include round glass tops, rectangle, square, oval and custom glass table tops. We carry a variety of options with beautiful edge work, including a decorative edge, wave, beveled edge, flat polish edging and pencil edge. Glass Table Tops’ Benefits Brightens up your space: A glass table top can brighten up any room even the smallest and darkest, making them [...]Read more
Glass Pagoda by Trutuff
April 24, 2021

Glass Pergola

Trutuff Tempered glass is used for building glass pergolas. As the glass is processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments, the Pergolas made with tempered glass have extreme strength to withstand the weather elements. We have designed these glass pergolas with a vision to add a special living space to favorite areas of your home. A glass roof pergola provides shade & will also transform your garden into a relaxation area where you can just unwind and enjoy the view. The Glass Pergolas give protection against the rain and also from harsh sun rays for people and the furniture. On winter or overcast days light streams unhindered through the glazed roof into the interior of the building. Advantages of Glass [...]Read more
April 21, 2019

Laminated Glass

It is a safety glass consisting of two or more glass layers. These are permanently bonded together with one or more interlayer, generally Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) with the help of high heat and pressure. When laminated glass gets broken, the fragments of it stick to the interlayer and prevents from breaking into large sharp, dangerous shards and scattering. The PVB interlayer gives the glass higher sound insulation and acts as protection against UV radiation. Laminated glass is preferred for interiors and exteriors of residential buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, showrooms, shopping malls etc. Qualities: The product delivers higher safety and security Can be heat tempered or strengthened to increase its mechanical strength and thermal resistance Offers higher protection against UV rays [...]Read more