Glass Selections – Windows & Doors

Tempered glass is a preferred choice for windows and doors due to its durability and safety. At Trutuff Glasses, we have carefully put together a portfolio of modern glass door designs and glass window frames that are the perfect combination of form and function. These styles are available in aluminium, wooden and UPVC frames to suit your requirements. Our glass products are a combination of unparalleled quality, contemporary design with ease of installation and maintenance.

Tempered glass is an ideal choice for doors and windows as it does not break easily. Even if it does break, the broken pieces are less sharp and dangerous than annealed glass. Sliding doors made of glass can be used as balcony partitions or room partitions. They can also be used in bathrooms as shower partitions.  Whether you need glass door designs for office or wood or uPVC window designs for homes, we have them all.

Our engineered glass doors and windows withstand climate extremities and survive adverse weather conditions. UV Stability, weather resistance, component quality, installation robustness are the salient features of our products.

  • Glass can transmit, absorb or refract light and hence it can be both translucent and transparent.
  • Glass can transmit 80% of daylight in all directions without any weathering, clouding or yellowing.
  • As glass is weather resistant it can withstand effects of rain, wind and the sun without losing its integrity and appearance.
  • Being rust resistant, glass doors and windows won’t degrade by chemical and environmental effects.
  • With a smooth and glossy surface, glass doors and windows are dust-proof and thus easy to clean.
  • Glass windows and doors save energy by allowing in natural light even when you close your windows and doors. It also saves you on the electricity bill cost.

Now you get to choose from the premium collection of Trutuff glass doors and windows that match your idea of luxury and style.

Glass Selections