Glass Selections – Shop Front

A storefront has an essential role in catching the attention of passersby. The glass for the storefront should provide a true, crystal-clear view of your shop without reflections. The clarity should be such that the storefront glass is no longer a barrier to product visibility. This transforms your store, encouraging customers to enter. The glass appears totally invisible, perfectly showcasing your product and display colors, whilst also providing security, safety, and UV protection.

Protect the valuable goods in your store from burglary! Sometimes a glass pane may be the only thing that prevents these two from happening. You can upgrade the security of your store by adding security features to your glass. Nowadays glasses have many advanced features to ensure strength, durability, and sturdiness to fulfill safety requirements in retail outlets.

Tempered glasses are extremely tough and impact resistant. Being stronger and safer, they are less resistant to breakage and are also scratch resistant. They can withstand normal wear and tear but the major difference can be viewed when they are subject to force. A regular clear glass will shatter but a tempered glass can withstand force to some extent. A tempered glass breaks down in the form of granules, thus reducing chances of injury inside your store. Therefore, they make for a great option to secure your displays and cabinets.

Glass Selections